Resources for Managing Parkinson's Disease and Its Effects on Your Life

Parkinson's disease (PD) is a life-long neurological condition that involves a decline in the production of chemicals in the brain that control physical movement. PD has a wide range of symptoms that affect daily life. These symptoms vary between individuals and change over time. There are also several Parkinson’s Plus disorders, which have somewhat different symptoms.

We have organized a list of resources below that you can use to manage the disease and its consequences. First, we provide information about PD and links to web sites that explore these issues in more depth. Second, we provide an overview of treatments, therapies and supports available to you for managing PD. This is followed by a list of providers who can help you manage your symptoms using the various treatments and therapies outlined. In addition, we recommend several readings that may help you learn about the disease itself and gain insight into managing your experience with it. Finally, we provide you with links to researchers that are developing new treatments.