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Thriving With Parkinson's Disease

Thriving With Parkinson's Disease

Join this Amneal-sponsored workshop to learn more about Parkinson's disease, including what to expect and how you and your care partners can advocate for the best treatment options!

This educational program, conducted by a leading healthcare provider in Parkinson's treatment, is designed to help you set treatment goals and take an active role in your care plan.

Learn about:

  • Parkinson's disease basics: the who, what, and why
  • Daily life with Parkinson's: the "on"/"Off" cycle
  • How Parkinson's medications work
  • Selecting and managing your treatment

About the speaker Pinky Agarwal, MD, FAAN

Dr Agarwal is a practicing neurologist at Booth Gardner Parkinson's Care Center in Kirkland, Washington. She received her medical degree from Lady College in New Delhi, India. She then completed a neurology residency at the New Jersey Neuroscience Institute, followed by a fellowship in movement disorders at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center. Dr Agarwal's clinical and research interests are in Parkinson's disease, dystonia, and restless leg syndrome. She is involved in 6 clinical trials in Parkinson's disease and Huntington's disease. She has authored 15 articles and 14 abstracts in neurology. She is also affiliated with American Medical Association, American Academy of Neurology, Movement Disorders Society, Association of Clinical Research Professionals. Her care philosophy is to educate patients about treatment options leading to informed decisions about healthcare.

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