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Board of Directors


Our Board has been working hard together since April of 2012.  We are proud of our work so far and look forward to continuing the work of Summit For Parkinson’s.  We are pleased to present the current Board of Directors:

This FREE, two-day event will be held
on a virtual platform which will keep our
participants safe in these uncertain times.
We will be joined by providers and
professionals from the Michael J Fox
Foundation, Dr. Herndon who is our first
Movement Disorder Specialist in the
State of Montana with the Billings Clinic,
Andrew Laue a psychotherapist who
will run a patient support session and
a caregiver support session, and local
professionals and research teams.
Throughout the day we will explore how
connection, research, movement and
rehabilitation can be utilized as powerful
tools for those dealing with
the impacts of the disease.

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